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Great cities worldwide have faced major urban renewal interventions on areas where industrial activities had become completely obsolete or required an optimisation or integration with other applications.

Crea Madrid Nuevo Norte, the urban transformation company behind the Madrid Nuevo Norte project, acquires a long-term commitment to the city of Madrid and has presented a comprehensive action which suggest regenerating the area and all its systems of equipment and services, respecting the idiosyncrasies of the shanty towns around its perimeter, and strengthening its interrelationship sustainability and creating a new district that reflects, at the same time, the values of Madrid of the 21st centruy as an open city with a high quality of life.

Madrid Nuevo Norte is the most important renewal intervention of Madrid in the last twenty years and one of the greatest in Europe. This is an unprecedented performance in Spain that will be a driving force for change in the city and a great strategic opportunity for Madrid to make the qualitative leap within the main European capitals.